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Greenseal Rubber® is the registered trade mark and brand name of Flexible Lining Products Limited, the UK's leading supplier of this premium quality Swedish EPDM material for a variety of applications including

·       pond liner, lake liners, ditch and stream lining, golf course water hazzards

·       lagoons, irrigation ponds, irrigation canals, dam and embankment lining

·       box welded, tailored liners, lift pit liners

·       water tank lining, irrigation water tank liners

·       reed beds, slurry pits, anaerobic digestion

·       secondary spill containment

In February 2003 Flexible Lining Products Limited introduced Greenseal EPDM into the UK market in 3 different thicknesses 0.75mm ; 0.85mm and 1.0mm thick material. Were are extremely proud that our Greenseal Rubber® is now accepted and recognised as the preferred superior alternative to Butyl Rubber,also manufactured in Sweden by Sealeco (formally Trelleborg AB)